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by on November 7, 2023

New Teaching Labor Story Entry

Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement’s [DRUM] list of Demands, 1969
Looking for a way to broaden and deepen discussions of race to include issues of work and
Looking for ways to broaden and deepen discussions of work and class to include issues of

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Jane LaTour (1946-2023)

by on April 24, 2023

I first met Jane LaTour over forty years ago on a picket line in the northern New Jersey town of Hillside.

Jane was working as an organizer for District 65, and I was coordinating the J. P. Stevens boycott in New Jersey for the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union.

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Staughton Lynd (1929-2022)

by on November 19, 2022

Staughton Lynd, one of labor history’s icons, died on November 17. He was an academic and activist when those combinations were reviled as unbecoming of a professional, and he was blacklisted from the profession for his bold anti-war stance. He became a labor attorney, moved to Niles, Ohio and was a strategic player in the fight against steel-mill shutdowns and the destruction of steel communities in Youngstown, Ohio.

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