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Bill Barry was the Director of Labor Studies at the Community College of Baltimore County. Although retired from academia, Bill is still active in labor issues in Maryland.

More Than A Picnic: A Lesson in Labor Day

by on September 4, 2017

Before there were Labor Day barbecues and Labor Day sales, there was Labor–workers in the 19th century pushing for an eight-hour day and safe conditions as the U.S. economy was transforming itself from one of small enterprises to one dominated by industrial corporations.

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Encourage Public Labor History

by on September 9, 2016

In a recent LAWCHA post, Conor Casey, of the Labor Archives of Washington at the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections, properly cheered students who won a prize at National History Day using documentary footage about the 1934 West Coast Waterfront strike—and appropriately boasted how the archives had supported them.

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Historical Marker for Sparrows Point Steel Mill

by on July 22, 2016

As part of our effort to make workers history public in the Baltimore area, we had a state historical marker erected in memory and honor of the Sparrows Point steel mill, once the largest mill in the world and now — as a symbol of post-industrial America — a 3,100-acre wasteland.

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