Teaching Resources

LAWCHA is committed to teaching labor history in the classroom, from K-12 to colleges and universities. We list below some of the resources created to help facilitate teaching labor history and understanding the relationship between teachers and labor history. We invite you to explore these resources and contribute to them. To contribute, please contact Rosemary Feurer ([email protected]).

Teacher/Public Sector Initiative

LAWCHA sponsored a Teachers/Public sector history committee that has produced an overview of teacher organizing and a bibliography of resources to understand that effort in historical context. We have provided powerpoints graphs and annotations of material organized by geography and specific unions.

  • A Century of Teacher Organizing: What Can We Learn?

    The history of teacher unionism is rich and vibrant, filled with numerous triumphs, tensions, and setbacks. For over a century, most education employees have been part of a public sector workforce that has been constrained by legal frameworks that assume that they are not entitled to the same rights as private sector workers. Because they comprise the largest segment of public sector labor, the story of why and how teachers sought to organize helps us understand many current debates surrounding education policies and the labor movement.

  • A Bibliography on Teacher-Public Sector Unionism
  • PowerPoints & Graphs

Resources for Studying and Teaching Labor History