Reading and Discussion Help

[toc]WordPress is not the easiest software to use for first-timers. In 2012, Ryan Poe recorded a set of video instructions to help you navigate the site, configure your profile, register, login, and do all sorts of other things to become involved with ongoing discussions in labor and working-class history. These are all recorded from a Windows 7 computer, and Mac users may find that not everything translates perfectly.

For troubleshooting, contact your local IT service desk if available, or email LAWCHA directly, at [email protected]. Also, if you would like to suggest other videos to help you with functionality, don’t hesitate to request them!

Reading and Discussion

For general readers and help topics. These videos go into the functions that our average readership posses, like commenting on posts and updating their user profiles.

Logging In

This tutorial demonstrates how to log in to the LAWCHA website for the first time.

Dashboard and User Profiles

This tutorial demonstrates the basic features of the WordPress dashboard and how to update your user profile.

Profile Pictures, Commenting, and Replying to Comments

This tutorial explains how to upload a profile picture, comment on posts, and how to reply to other comments.

Contributing, Committees, and Authors

For committee members with permission post articles, edit them, and moderate comments, these videos will explain more advanced functionality. If you think you should have access to this but for some reason do not, please email [email protected].

Adding Posts

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a post to the LAWCHA website.

Editing and Deleting Posts

This tutorial demonstrates how to edit and delete posts on the LAWCHA website.

Changing Authors and Adding Images

This tutorial teaches you how to change a post’s author and add images to your posts.

Links/Redirections, Microsoft Word Compatibility, and “Read More” Links

This tutorial shows you how to make posts that redirect to other sites (like links). It also shows how you can craft posts in Microsoft Word to add them to the WordPress editor. Note that images, bullets, and most text options work. Things like images and tables, however, may not function correctly. Finally, this tutorial also shows you how you can place “Read More” links at a place of your choosing.


These videos were made possible through funding from Labor, Duke University, and the free software CamStudio. If you enjoyed them, please think about donating to CamStudio to support free, open-source software development.