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Remembering Al Young, by Leon Fink & Jesse Lemisch

by on November 16, 2012

Alfred F. Young, a pioneer of the “new labor history,” noted social historian of the early American nation, and a founding editor of Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, died on November 6, 2012 at age 87. Many know him from his passionate and original investigation of the lives of working people,

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North American Labor History Conference: Insurgency & Resistance

by on October 5, 2012

Insurgency & Resistance. Throughout history, workers have engaged in insurgency and resistance from factories to fields, from plantations to plants, from mines to mills, and in cities and in the countryside. Power and authority have been contested on a variety of terrains, both inside and outside of traditional labor structures.

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CFP: SLSA, The Many Souths (deadline: 9/14)

by on August 22, 2012

The Southern Labor Studies Association is soliciting panels for its (March 7-9) 2013 conference in New Orleans, LA. The conference theme, the “Many Souths,” invites a broad range of panels on southern working-class history, while at the same time it asks participants to examine how we have conceptualized the region: as rural and/or urban; as a single region, or as multiple sub-regions, e.g.

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