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Chaumtoli Huq is an associate professor of law at CUNY School of Law and the founder and editor of [email protected], an innovative law and media nonprofit focused on law and social justice. Her expertise lies in labor and employment law,  human rights and movement lawyering.

Boris Roundtable: Realizing the Global Labor Rights of Domestic and Rural Women Workers: Fight for Global Standards Must Continue at the Grassroots Level

by on March 10, 2020

Eileen Boris’ meticulously researched and detailed book, Making the Woman Worker: Precarious Labor and the Fight for Global Standards, 1919-2019, reveals some enduring challenges for women globally to actualize their full labor rights.  There are three themes in the book that resonate for me as someone who works on transnational issues impacting women workers in Bangladesh and South Asia as well as low wage immigrant workers in the United States particularly in the South Asian diaspora.

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