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Lecture for LAWCHA!

Next time you receive an honorarium, why not donate it to support LAWCHA?

The Labor and Working-Class History Association needs your continued financial support to continue our many and growing programs. By sending us your next honorarium check (or any other contribution, large or small) you’ll be supporting our essay, dissertation, and book prizes; you’ll be working to make sure that graduate students continue to receive travel grants to attend our conferences; and you’ll be help us expand our reach to organize new members.

Send your next honorarium to LAWCHA treasurer Liesl Miller Orenic


The Labor and Working-Class History Association invites anyone who is able and willing to donate in support of LAWCHA. We graciously accept any amount members and non-members are willing to contribute.

We will use your donations as if they were membership dues, which go towards supporting public awareness, conference activities, funding awards, prizes, internships, and fellowships, and improving LAWCHA as a whole.

To contribute to LAWCHA, make checks payable to LAWCHA and send them to:

Liesl Miller Orenic
Treasurer, Labor and Working-Class History Association
Department of History, Rosary College of Arts & Sciences
Dominican University
7900 W. Division St.
River Forest, IL 60305

[email protected]

We appreciate any and all support tremendously.

The Labor and Working Class History Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Gifts to LAWCHA are tax deductible. Please contact a tax professional for guidance in deducting your donation.