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by on November 7, 2023

New Teaching Labor Story Entry

Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement’s [DRUM] list of Demands, 1969
Looking for a way to broaden and deepen discussions of race to include issues of work and

Looking for ways to broaden and deepen discussions of work and class to include issues of

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2023 LAWCHA Dissertation Proposal Workshop

by on August 20, 2023

The Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA) is pleased to announce its second annual Dissertation Proposal Workshop. The workshop supports doctoral students working on dissertations about working people, their lives, workplaces, communities, organizations, cultures, activism, and societal context in any period and place.

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Not Your Father’s Anti-Union Movement: Ten Key Facts About Starbucks’ Union Avoidance Law Firm, Littler Mendelson

by on March 7, 2022

Since winning two NLRB elections at Buffalo stores last December, the remarkable Starbucks Workers United  union campaign has now spread to well over 100 stores in over 26 states. In response, Starbucks management has bombarded baristas with anti-union text messages, forced them to attend “captive audience meetings,” threatened to close unionized stores and tried to drive out activists at unionized stores in Buffalo, New York, attempted to pack bargaining units with newly-hired employees and limited their contact with pro-union workers, and allegedly fired union several union activists at stores in Memphis and elsewhere.

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I Am Not a Writer

by on February 24, 2022

Bob Rossi’s poem “Deincarnation” was published in December 2021’s Labor: Studies in Working Class History. He’s graced us with another.


I Am Not A Writer

   Bob Rossi


Late one night, wearied by the misfortunes

And follies of men, I put aside my work

And wondered at continuing.

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