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Wesley Bishop is a PhD student in American history at Purdue University where he studies the US labor movement, social reform, and the politics and thought of the Gilded age and Progessive era. He serves as both the research assistant to the Global Studies Program at Purdue, and is a board member of the Eugene V. Debs Foundation in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Social Justice for a Global Working Class: the Midwest Labor and Working Class History’s 2016 Annual Conference

by on July 6, 2016

On June 10th students, activists, and scholars met at Purdue University for the 2016 annual Midwest Labor and Working Class History (MLWCH) conference. This year’s conference theme was “Social Justice for a Global Working Class,” and presenters were asked to tackle the question of how their research, and activism could contribute to a greater understanding of issues facing working class people around the world.

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“Looking Forward: New Directions and Strategies for Labor” Session, LAWCHA Conference

by on June 21, 2013

The 2013 LAWCHA national conference ended with a closing session held at Cooper Union Hall on Saturday, June 4th at 4:30. The closing plenary, entitled “Looking Forward: New Directions and Strategies for Labor,” featured activists, labor leaders, and academics who all offered remarks and insights into what they saw as the new directions and future for the American labor movement.

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