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Jonathan Kissam is a long-time UE rank and file activist, and currently a member of UE Local 203. He has served on the UE General Executive Board and on the Coordinating Committee of the Vermont Workers Center, where he helped launch the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign in 2008. He has a long-standing interest in how labor and working-class history can help to inform strategies for working-class struggles in the present.


Smash Up Derby podcast

by on November 28, 2017

Earlier this year, my friend Sam Smucker and I started the Smash Up Derby podcast – a podcast about “working class politics.”  By working class politics we mean a political perspective rooted in the shop-floor struggle for power in the workplace, expressed through unions or other organizations advocating for working people.

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Back to the Cooperative Commonwealth?

by on October 26, 2013

I think a lot about the problems of building a labor movement for the 21st century.  And, as a long-time labor activist who now finds himself a member of a worker-owned cooperative (I work at Webskillet Cooperative, which is both a worker coop and a UE union shop), I struggle with reconciling the militant traditions that have shaped my outlook with the sometimes overly optimistic approach of the cooperative movement.

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