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Cindy Hahamovitch is a scholar of southern, immigration, and labor history in a global context. She is the author of two books: The Fruits of Their Labor: Atlantic Coast Farmworkers and the Making of Migrant Poverty, 1870-1945 (UNC Press, 1997) and the triple prize-winning, No Man's Land: Jamaican Guestworkers in America and the Global History of Deportable Labor (Princeton University Press).

LAWCHA/Labor Research Grant

by on September 11, 2022

The Labor and Working-Class History Association and Labor: Studies in Working-Class History will jointly award a $2,000 research grant for a contingent faculty scholar, independent scholar, or community college faculty member engaged in work related to working people, their lives, workplaces, communities, organizations, cultures, activism, and societal context in any period and place.

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Petition against Denying Mr. Clean Workers U Visas

by on October 17, 2015

Labor scholars and activists everywhere are are writing to demand that Leon Rodriguez, Director, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, to reverse his decision to deny the Mr. Clean workers U visas, allowing the company to continue holding them in a condition of unpaid servitude.

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