Learn more about the effect of the pandemic on contingent faculty

Claire Goldstene
Claire Goldstene is a Board member of New Faculty Majority and the author of The Struggle for America’s Promise: Equal Opportunity at the Dawn of Corporate Capital.
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The LAWCHA Contingent Faculty Committee recommends these resources to learn more about the effect of the pandemic on contingent faculty:

How the Pandemic Has Pushed Contingent Faculty to the Precipice

Dr. Crystal Chang, lecturer at UC Berkeley, provides an insider’s view of how the pandemic has worsened the adjunct situation.

AAUP Principles and Recommendations Regarding Contingent Faculty in the Global Pandemic

The AAUP’s Committee on Contingency and the Profession today issued the following statement and recommendations.

CUNY’s Adjunct Faculty Should Have the Same Job Protections as New York’s Fast-Food Workers

There’s an unwarranted assumption that workers with college degrees are at the top of the heap in terms of not only earnings but also rights and dignity. Despite the obvious benefits of desk work, especially work that can be done remotely during a pandemic, the fact is that many highly-educated workers in New York City are plagued by the same low wages and lack of job security that fast-food workers have been fighting for years.