A Special Relationship? A public exhibition about ties between British and American labour from the TUC Library

The Trades Union Congress Library is about to open a new exhibition, Labour’s Special Relationship?, about historic ties between the British and American labour movements from the nineteenth century until the present day. The exhibition deal with a diverse range of subjects, including the international ramifications of the Haymarket Affair, the Tom Mooney case, and the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, the British activities of the Knights of Labor, the exchange of fraternal delegates between the American Federation of Labor and the Trades Union Congress, the cooperation of labour feminists and black activists on both sides of the Atlantic, and the transatlantic implications of contemporary union campaigns such as the Fight for 15, which has already encouraged strikes by McDonald’s workers in the UK.

It is curated by a UK-based LAWCHA member, Dr Steven Parfitt, and consists of 23 panels – the TUC Library can supply American partners with a digital copy. If you or your institution might be interested in hosting this exhibition, please contact the TUC Librarian, Jeff Howarth, at [email protected].