Patrick S. O’Donnell, “Workers, the World of Work & Labor LawA Basic Bibliography”

Patrick S. O’Donnell of Santa Barbara City College sends us a bibliography of titles related to labor law.

This bibliography contains a number of titles dealing with ”workers,” the “world of work” generally, and “labor law” in particular, so as to account for some of the more compelling reasons we should assiduously attend to the complex economic and moral questions (the former often including some of the latter) regarding the labor, working conditions, and leisure time of working people.

It is organized into three sections:

  • 1. Workers’ Rights, Collective Bargaining & Labor Law
  • 2. The World of Work: Economics, Technology & Industrial Relations
  • 3. The World of Work & Organized Labor: History, Politics…

Download Patrick S. O’Donnell, “Workers, the World of Work & Labor Law: A Basic Bibliography”