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Clinton and Trump: Labor and the Election of 2016

by on November 17, 2016

Both the polling and the pundits’ predictions of a Clinton victory were wrong.

The reasons for Trump’s victory in part can be understood in relation to how each candidate appealed to labor and how they represented capital. It is necessary to take into account how Trump’s populist ideology prevailed over Clinton’s money machine.

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White Trash, Hillbillies, and Middle-Class Stereotypes

by on September 25, 2016

During election years white people who do not have bachelor’s degrees (the increasingly common definition of “the working class”) become both a somewhat exotic who-knew-they-were-here-and-in-such-large-numbers object of discussion and a target for freewheeling social psychologizing. Thus, it is more than a little refreshing to see two books attempt to tackle the more exotic side of Donald Trump’s beloved “the poorly educated.”

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Leftwing cartoons and comics offer unique view of mid 20th century

by on February 13, 2014

This new book of political cartoons, In an Era of Wars and Revolutions: American Socialist Cartoons of the Mid-Twentieth Century, edited by Sean Matgamma, should be of interest to labor historians and those interested in mid-20th century Left politics. The title page of this unique volume of reprints indicates the art is “By Carlo and others.” Jesse Cohen, the artist who called himself “Carlo” was, along with Laura Gray, the leading artist for the “Third Camp” section of Trotskyists, succeeded at the end of the 1960s by Lisa Lyon (the others are long gone, her work continues in comic art).

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