Labor Movement Internship Opportunities

AFSCME/UNCF: Union Scholars Program

Second semester sophomore and junior college students are eligible for this 10-week summer field placement, during which you participate in a union organizing campaign in one of several locations across the United States. You will also receive: a stipend of up to $4,000, on-site housing at your location,a week-long orientation and training, an academic scholarship of up to $5,000 for the 2009-10 school year, based on successful performance.

AFL-CIO Union Summer

Union Summer is a 10-week educational internship in which participants develop skills useful for union organizing. Launched in 1996, Union Summer has graduated nearly 3,000 activists, many of whom continue to work for social justice. Participants will receive a stipend of $300 per week to cover meals and other incidental expenses. Taxes will be deducted from the stipend. Each intern will be responsible for getting to and from the orientation training. Housing and any local transportation costs are covered by the program. Accommodations usually include college dorms, hotels or hostels.

Open Movements Student Worker Project

Open Movements is a non-profit dedicated to creating economic and social justice through innovative exchange, educational, and developmental programs on labor movements. Currently, they offer tours and a study abroad semester program called the Student Worker Project to learn about the Recovered Factories Movement in Argentina. The Recovered Factories Movement is an innovative labor movement where workers reoccupy businesses where they had once worked and manage them democratically through assemblies. Please take a look at their website at and or read the attached catalog to learn a little more about what they do.

For more information and deadlines, see the Student Worker Project website.

Student Action with Farmworkers Sowing Seeds for Change

The SSC Fellowship Program is an expansion of SAP’s work in the Carolinas. It is a summer leadership development program for students in TN, VA, PA and NY. SAF trains these bilingual students and prepares them to work with farmworker organizations in their home states. Fellows work towards improvements in farmworkers\’ lives and working conditions through legal services, health education, and community & labor organizing.

Student Action with Farmworkers In These Fields Internship

Into the Fields (ITF) is a ten-week summer internship and leadership development program that creates opportunities for college students to work for fairness in our agricultural industries. Through the Into the Fields Program, college students from diverse backgrounds work full-time with farmworkers to promote greater respect and justice for the people who supply food for our tables. SAF Interns provide health education to farmworkers, promote workplace safety and pesticide education, teach English as a Second Language, educate farmworkers about their legal rights, and organize workers into labor unions. By fulfilling Into the Fields expectations, Interns receive on-going training, furnished housing, a per diem of $ 1,200, a post-service scholarship of $1,500, as well as possible academic credit. SAF also covers travel expenses to NC for students from farmworker families.

New York Union Semester

New York Union Semester is an innovative program, providing the opportunity to learn about organized labor in a challenging environment both inside and outside the classroom. As interns, students learn the inner workings of organized labor while they make a contribution to the important work unions do. In the classroom, students analyze the experience they are gaining in the field, by studying the U.S. Labor Movement past and present. Students will earn 16 undergraduate credits OR 12 graduate credits and a Certificate in Labor Studies from the School of Professional Studies at the City University of New York.

AFT Internship

Interns at the AFT provide research support on worker and professional issues for the different constituencies of the AFT (teachers, school and university employees, state and local government employees, nurses and health professionals). Interns must be able to work independently on one or two long-term research assignments as well as assist with short-term projects as the need arises. The internship is a paid position (ranging from $280/week to $325/week depending on level of education). AFT does not provide housing or transportation for out-of-town students.