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Triangle Fire Memorial Collective Ribbon

by on March 5, 2019

I’m writing to you as President of the Board of Directors of Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition. For the past decade the Coalition has been working to erect a permanent public memorial on the facade of the building (at Washington Place and Greene Street, in Greenwich Village) where the fire that killed 146 mostly young Italian and Jewish immigrant workers took place in 1911.

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Share the Wealth

by on February 21, 2019

There is a growing awareness that wealth inequality is directly affecting everyman. All politicians recite the pledge to help the middle class, republicans with more supply side solutions and democrats with tax plans.

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The Strange Career of “the Working Class” in US Political Culture Since the 1950s: An Introduction

by on February 15, 2019

The working class currently has remarkable visibility in US political culture.  In defiance of a longstanding belief in America’s classlessness, even today’s sitting president publicly acknowledges America’s “working class.”  However dramatically Donald Trump is breaking some political norms, though, the particular way he uses the phrase working class is completely consistent with trends that have been emerging within mainstream US politics for decades.

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The Ghosts of Bisbee

by , on February 3, 2019

Bisbee ‘17 is a documentary about an Arizona town facing its ghosts.  In June 1917, when copper miners organized by the Industrial Workers of the World had gone on strike for two weeks, 1200 striking workers were rounded up and “deported” to New Mexico.

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